Sunday, April 11, 2010

breaking upwards

To all my LA and New York pipples: If you do anything at all tonight, get your fatasses down to either The Laemmle's 5 on Sunset or The IFC Center on Avenue of the Americas -- and starting April 16th at The Lumiere in San Francisco -- and SEE THIS GODDAMNED MOVIE.

Our good friend, the BRILLIANT actor Mather Zickel, told us about this friend and colleague of his who, along with her boyfriend, made a film for $15,000 dollars. Yes, you read that right -- FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS, MOTHERFUCKERS -- and "Breaking Upwards" is it. We all went to see it Friday night and were COMPLETELY charmed and blown away by this awesome, intelligent, engaging, hilarious film they created with virtually nothing except a magnificent screenplay, GENIUS actors who worked for practically nothing, and THE SHEER WILL AND VISION TO GET IT DONE. And boy did they. What they need now is simply "ASSES IN SEATS." -- numbers. This is proof positive that a completely awesome and entertaining film doesn't have to cost 20 million dollars to make. The reviews so far are breathtaking and the word is trickling out, so, if you are looking for something fabulous to do tonight, GET THINE DIY-ART-SUPPORTING-ASS down to see it in this very, very limited initial engagement. And when you are blown away like me, MAKE SURE and tell everyone you know to rent it, watch it, buy it. DO IT -- or get kicked in the taco by your crazy Auntie Muffy. Thank you! xoxo

Breaking Upwards

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