Sunday, April 11, 2010

crazy aunt nay nay

Whenever I have the chance to visit with my VAST LEGIONS of darling and delightful nieces and nephews (whose sheer numbers -- because of my 8 prolific, fuckmachine siblings -- are truly like cockroaches), they always stampede up in a great sweep and hug me and kiss me and swirl all around me, laughing and chattering away with statements like, "You were SO funny on the Disney Channel, Aunt Nay Nay!", "Your dress looks like a witch dress, Aunt Nay Nay!", "Do you have any MAC makeup you don't want, Aunt Nay Nay?" (always asked by my festive nephew, Alex), "Your fat tummy looks like you are going to have a baby, Aunt Nay Nay!", and my VERY favorite pronouncement -- which they ALWAYS SAY, with so much pride and love you wouldn't even believe it -- "Aunt Nay Nay...we were watching School of Rock last night and you remind us EXACTLY of Jack Black!"

Goddamn, I love those fucking babies.

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