Saturday, August 28, 2010


And speaking about my friends treating my fatass to AWESOME KNITTING ACCOUTREMENT...while we were shooting our most recent movie, I posted a picture that captured my on-set knit shit, and my friend, Jennifer Irwin, noticed that -- like the Fresno piece-o'-shit that I am -- I was transporting my precious NORO in a (gasp...!) ziplock bag. BAD HOOKER!

Horrified, she immediately sprang into action and sent me one of the adorable mini-knitting totes she makes -- and you CANNOT BELIEVE HOW COMPLETELY ON TRACK THIS BASTARD IS. Aside from being the perfect size to drag along with me everywhere (oh, and trust me, I DO), it is sooooo cute...and inside it has what I consider to be its very best feature: a little "snap-loop" through which you feed your yarn and it keeps your ball or skein from pulling out of the tote when you yank more slack. BRILLIANT!

Thank you SO MUCH, Miss Jennifer! I love this bag more than I love Taco Bell, Clive Owen, Granny Panties, OR my Hitachi Magic Wand -- and trust me, that's sayin' something.

Sew Bendy

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