Thursday, August 19, 2010


Inane Muff Fact #994: Whenever I attend the wedding of anyone under the age of 30, I put on one of my fanciest black dresses, I bring an AWESOME gift I know the couple will adore, I celebrate and make merry with all the other cherished assembled guests -- and in my head, I silently tally up how many years (or months) until they separate and eventuality which is, of course, a mathematical certainty.


  1. Muffy huh?

    I know this woman. I could not believe my eyes when I saw her melon on the screen.

    You are still alive. One day you were gone. We were friends. Later I found out where you went.

    Good to see you are still doing your thing.

    Some days though, I still feel like beating the hell out of some bastard with a floor jack.

    Can you guess who this is yet?

  2. knitter, PLEASE. AS IF my fatass is not going to know who this is. oh, and for the record -- it wasn't BEATING someone with a floor was WHIPPING someone with a floor jack. i only remember because it was one of the times i have belly laughed the very hardest in my fucking life.

    i love you, you know. still.