Friday, October 1, 2010


Judging by the legions of friends posting of their undying affection for the tenth month in their Facebook status updates today, apparently I am not alone in my rapture and exaltation at the arrival of October, the most magnificent month of them all.

With October comes the beginning of the cold, the grey, the wind, the mysteries, the spirits, the shadows, the spectres...the dark. This is the time of year when we latch the shutters and light the fires. It is the time when we turn inward, dig deep, re-evaluate our lives, and celebrate the lives of those who have preceded us into history.

For me, it is a month to honor my feminine ancestors and to acknowledge all that has been passed to me and through me. A lot of ballsy broads had to risk an AWFUL LOT all so that I might live deliberately, fully, and with no complete control of my own destiny and free from the subjugation of ANY MAN. This is the time of year when I light candles to those women, thank them with all my heart, and promise them that I, too, will be mindful and vigilant of the young women and girls who will come after me. This time of year I like to rededicate myself to the feminine moon who is always there to light my way through the dark, should I ever call upon her to do so.

But, come every October, most importantly of all (well, according to an adorable, scratchy-voiced three year old Baby Goat, anyway), "I LIKE TO KEEP IT REAL SPOOKY."

So, kill the lights, bitches -- and BRING ON THE DARKNESS.


  1. The Wrath of taking the innocent souls of children down to hell with you is unforgiveable. Go To Hell Muffy Bolding!

  2. Miss Bridgie,

    Hmmm...I think they are just performing a song from the soundtrack of the film "The Omen", sugar, a film that is actually a cautionary tale about why one should NOT get involved with Ol' Scratch -- though I suppose they could all be debaucherous little bastards, as well...though I highly doubt it. They all look too...angelic...standing there spouting out their Latin. At any rate, it's good and spooky and that was my point in posting it in the first place. Happy Halloween!

  3. Miss Muffy,

    Hmmmm.... they most certainly are performing a track from "The Omen"...which is creepy enough in itself...however, as I come from a country which does not recognise or celebrate Halloween...barring the few little kids who try and get dressed up as creepy as possible..(Usually as ghosts or vampires) in order to munch on a few sweets.... I never put the two together..

    There are so many beautiful and positive things to sing about, why even waste the space on suggesting that Satan has any place in our lives. I suggest we leave Halloween to ghosts, pumpkins and loads of sweets, because it really does not deserve more recognition than that.