Monday, September 20, 2010


If you enjoy TALKING SHIT -- and frankly, if you are one of MY degenerate friends, how on earth could you NOT? -- then you need to get your fine ass on over to Casita del Campo in Silver Lake tomorrow night and buy tickets to see my amazingly talented friends turn themselves inside out for your entertainment (and I mea...n that QUITE LITERALLY) in the one-night-only show, SHITSTORM!

Hear Drag Superstar Miss Jackie Beat, Miss Selene Luna, Mr. Billy Butler, and others tell you their hilarious, humiliating stories of self-defecation, i.e., THE HORRIFYING TIMES THEY EACH SHIT THEIR PANTS IN A PUBLIC PLACE. Miss Beat will be performing some SHITTY songs and there will also be awesome SHIT TALK VIDEOS by the delightful Miss Margaret Cho and Miss Sherry Vine!

As I have always said, FECES IS THE GREAT's what we ALL have in common and it dudn't care if you are rich or poor, black or white, Jewish or Muslim, fat or skinny. When you got a happy crap on deck, my friends, WE ARE ALL THE SAME.

So, pull your thumb outta your butt -- unless it's corkin' the dyke, that is -- and come see the show! There are only a few tickets left! Come early and enjoy a DELICIOUS Mexican meal, some hot SALZA, some cool Don Julio and maybe even create some SHIT STORIES OF YOUR VERY OWN! Oh, and for the love of christ, don't forget your baby wipes!

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