Thursday, September 2, 2010

you gottdamned right they do

This morning as I was taking my son, Otis, to school, I was thinking about how very lucky I am to be married to My One True Love -- which then led to thoughts of what exactly makes a good marriage? Aside from all of the usual criteria we include when compiling a list of what constitutes an exceptional matrimonial match -- i.e., affection, communication, compatibility, kindness, likemindedness, trust, lust, etc. -- it occurred to me that much of what makes a really good marriage can't really be quantified. IT JUST IS.

Driving along seemingly endless verdant boulevards lined with ancient Live Oak trees, this realization made me ponder the people in my life who have the very best marriages, the marriages where, even after years and years together, the two of them still take absolute delight in each other's ideas, company, and accomplishments. Marriages where, even through the most difficult times imaginable, they are still hopelessly devoted to each other and -- most importantly -- THEY STILL HAVE FUN.

And of all the friends I have and have known, I came up with three couples who are also lucky enough to be married to Their One True Loves, and obviously have a damned marvelous time in the process. These kids are examples to the rest of us as to HOW IT'S DONE, BABY.

I stand in utter amazement, admiration, and joy at the longtime, exuberant unions of my friends Bryan Lee and Cathy Lee; Charles Angyal and Yvonne Angyal; and Paul Stolp and Susan Presley. May you all have many lifetimes together, kids -- because, if you're anything like me and my Cute Jew Boy, you realize that there will NEVER be enough time together in just this one. Mazel Tov!

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