Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a bonnie boy

“I doubt I would recognize Lady Gaga if she walked into a room unless she had a wedding cake on her head." -- Stephen Fry

I ADORE Craig Ferguson, I adore Stephen Fry, and I adored Tom Snyder and My Dinner With Andre...and I ADORE this idea: a late night talk show host KICKIN' IT OL' SCHOOL. As intelligent, honest, and engaging as Ferguson is -- not to mention HILARIOUS -- I would watch this flavor of talk show every goddamned night. It feels very REAL and low-tech -- akin to reading an actual book you can hold and smell, or having a conversation with someone's flesh and blood face, as opposed to just their pixilated picture on a computer screen. Fuck the braying, extraneous audience -- ship 'em back to Omaha. What I want to see and hear is just two people talking...surrounded by delicious, beloved, empty silence...just waiting for them to fill it. BRING IT.

Craig Ferguson last night: no audience, one guest, a great hour of TV

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