Tuesday, February 16, 2010

purple haze

Apparently, the Charlie Band movie we shot in a genuinely haunted Italian castle last year -- 'DEMONIC TOYS 2: PERSONAL DEMONS", directed by the amazing William Butler -- is now available on iTunes to buy or rent! Get your fatasses a clickin', motherfuckers!

This is the seance scene -- starring the stunning Miss Selene Luna, whom I worship and adore. And yes, the EVIL, TWISTED, HIDEOUS, BELLOWING DEMONIC BELLY LAUGHTER YOU HEAR IS MY VERY OWN. I'm like a poor man's Ursula, for chrissake. Also in the film are the awesome actors Alli Kinzel, Elizabeth Bell, Leslie Jordan, William Marquart, and Michael Citriniti, with Miss Jane Wiedlin as the delightfully demented voice of Baby Whoopsie. Yet another BRILLIANT casting extravaganza by that industry legend, Miss Frances Rhyne. God bless her.

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