Tuesday, February 16, 2010

east village awesome

In December, Gregory and I spent a grand and glorious evening at Bluestockings Books in New York City, listening to Ayun Halliday and Victoria Law (and others) read and discuss zines, feminism, and girl culture. SUCH complete awesomeness was made even more awesome by the fact that it was snowing outside for the duration. There ain't nothin' like snow in NYC. So lovely.

After eating a yummy Chinese food dinner with her afterward, Gregory is -- just like the rest of us -- smitten with the fabulous writer, zinester, and all around FAB GAL, Ms. Halliday...whom he called, "An interesting combination of goofy and sexy." And how! Order her books! Read her zines! Follow her exploits! And discover for yourself the Hilarious Hoosier Heinie deliciousness that is Ayun.


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