Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a call for baggie

This is a stock photo of my Queen Bee Creations purse...which I have had for about a million years -- the only difference being that I immediately ditched the record and replaced it with THE MOST AMAZING PROFILE PHOTOGRAPH OF MY SISTER, JENNY, DOING A HIDEOUS JABBERJAWS FACE (the glorious, chuckling citizens of Rome especially LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!)

I use this bag every single day and it has been around the world with me several times. It carries both my treasures and my necessities and is practically an extension of myself. Unfortunately, Queen Bee has inexplicably ceased making this style -- The 7" Record Truckette -- and, just like the rest of us, my beloved ol' girl has begun to show her age. I am having no luck on ebay in finding a replacement. Might there be anyone out there within range of my font who possesses such a bag and is willing to sell it to me? I promise, it will go to THE MOST ADORING, LOVING, BELLY LAUGHING HOME EVER. She will accompany me on AMAZING ADVENTURES -- of which I promise to send pictures. Let me know. Thanks!

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