Thursday, June 3, 2010


In saying that I am no longer able to partake of either the pixilated or the "live poon/scratch n' sniff" versions myself, I am certainly not judging others who do watch porn -- or even those who take part in its making. But, for me, it's just too much of a reminder of what can go wrong when you have children.

Yes, I know that some women -- mostly those with Betty Page bangs, Sailor Jerry tattoos, PT Cruisers, and toddler daughters named Ruby -- find empowerment in sex work...but for most, unfortunately, that's just simply not true. For most, their last hope for Ruby's future is that she would have to spend her nights taking her clothes off in front of strangers...all so she could feed and clothe her own toddler daughter, Linda (which, trust me, will be a REALLY COOL HIPSTER BABY NAME in about 20 years.)

Anyway, it's like I always say -- if, at the end of my life, I have kept those two adorable little bitches off the pole...THEN I DONE MY JOB, GODDAMNIT.

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