Friday, June 4, 2010


Recently, I was at a FABULOUS Black and White dinner party thrown by my best friend, Billy Butler -- and I was lucky enough to be seated next to the hugely talented and adorable writer and actor, Tara Karsian ...who is perhaps the funniest goddamned woman I have ever known. Not like a silly, giddy, bonk herself over the head with a bowling pin sort of funny -- I am talking a SHUT YOUR SHIT THE FUCK DOWN WITH AN ICE-COLD DEAD-PAN GRANITE FACE FUNNY. She is COMPLETELY ON TRACK.

At any rate, about halfway through this posh, candlelit, star-studded affair, Miss Tara wanted to check her phone to see if she'd gotten any calls, so she slyly opened her purse under the table and checked it without actually removing it from her bag, in an attempt to keep the escaping light to a minimum. Sitting next to her, I totally noticed what she was doing and called her shit out on it, along with, of course, congratulating her on inventing such a clever subterfuge. We belly laughed out loud and decided that, henceforth, this move would officially be known as A VINCENT VEGA.

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