Monday, March 29, 2010

blaque power

I've been stomping around with my granny panties in a wad, asking this same question for months: Where in the FUCK were all these tea-bagging patriots when we were getting ASS RAPED WITH NO LUBE by the Bush administration for nearly a decade?

And now, here it is being axed again by my awesome friend, the political blogger Jonathon Blaque -- only he does it a lot more cogently, intelligently, and with no profanity. Okay, maybe just one little F-bomb near the end...but really, who can blame him? However, it's when he boldly casts the "C" word that we REALLY get down to brass tacks here. Don't be fooled -- this ain't about patriotism OR policy, people -- it's about RACE. If these people genuinely cared -- or even fucking UNDERSTOOD, for that matter -- that which they are protesting, they would have been out there in droves when Bush and Cheney were dry-parking their meatbus in our caca lockers for nearly ten years...over and over and over again.

The biggest irony of all? These ignorant, inbred, illiterate fucks are precisely the people who will most benefit from the sweeping civil rights changes so boldly put forth by this administration. They bitch and moan and proudly protest with their Swastika signs (oh, the further irony!) and misspelled placards now, but you mark my goddamned words -- inside a year, it'll be these same misguided cocksuckers not only expecting but DEMANDING customer satisfaction from the medical care with which they have been so generously provided by all us unAmerican Socialists. And you can take THAT to the goddamned bank, my friends. Jonathon Blaque...who flat BREAKS IT DOWN FOR A MOTHERFUCKER.

Blaque's Blog of Horrors

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  1. Hi Muffy -- I came across your blog, and though I clicked on the link this post is referring to, I only saw a picture of protesters with some comments at the end which I stopped reading when most of them seemed to promote killing the protesters. I would consider myself a conservative, but don't consider myself ignorant, inbred, or illiterate. I think most tea-party sympathizers such as myself agree that there WERE a lot of big-government-type mistakes during the Bush admin., but the Obama admin. is increasing the velocity of those mistakes at such an alarming rate as to warrant protests.

    I hope that helps clarify things a bit for you, I hope I haven't offended you.