Friday, January 22, 2010

kicky cut? be gone!

Just a quick note to officially announce that I am entirely over this haircut, ladies:

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Yes, yes, I know, it's real modern and real kicky and all that...but for me, it's gettin' real tired. I understand that just like any other trend in our culture, it started out in the realm of "alternative". I remember going to a Frank Black show about five years ago and standing behind some skinny, tattooed alterna-girl who had bright red dyed hair that was choppy on the back and sides and gelled straight out. I remember smirking to myself at the time because the back of her head looked the the goddamned Heat Miser.

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But now, so deeply mainstream has it become, that you can't turn on the television and see a single commercial for eyeglass frames or feminine hygiene spray where the broad in question is not sporting this 'do. And further, if you watch any type of makeover show, you can bet your sweet ass that right after they deck the mark out in a fitted leather jacket, dark bell-bottom jeans, and pointy-toed shoes, they are sure as hell going to march her right down to some chi-chi salon where the betch will undoubtedly emerge with make-up like Amy Winehouse and this fucking side-spiky coiffure.

It's time to move along, ladies. This ' done.

And if you don't believe's proof. Even hateful, stupid, right-wing, Republican shill dummies are sportin' it.


Done, I say. Be gone!

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