Friday, January 22, 2010

on the NOT-SO-dark side


We shot the film Furnace at the spooky old Nashville State Penitentiary a few years ago, in the freezing cold dead of winter. First things first: Nashville is motherfucking COLD -- colder than a whore's heart. I had no idea, people. Even now, just remembering it, my cooter, she is shivering.

Second things second: During my big scene, my hair was in a HUGE sassy secretarial bouffant, not seen before or since with these hairs of mine. That hair was epic -- EVEN IN HELL.

And third things third: Said scene was just me and Michael Pare' from "Eddie and The Cruisers" fame. He is fucking brilliant, funny, and oh, so LOVELY. I was absolutely smitten, and remain so to this day.

During the last take, unbeknownst to everyone else on the set, the director, Billy, and I took a small liberty with the script. Originally, Michael -- who plays Detective Turner to my Polly, his secretary -- sweetly asks me, "Are you propositioning me, Polly?", and I look over the top of my glasses at him, read him, work my neck like there's no tomorrow, and respond with, "Ummm, no -- and trust me, honey...YOU COULDN'T KEEP UP."

Billy and I -- with one wicked eye on the inevitable outtakes reel -- did the last take this way instead:

Michael: "Are you propositioning me, Polly?"

Polly (patting her bouffant, throwing down her file folders, and peeling off her sensible sweater before lustily crawling over the top of the precinct desk at him): "As a matter of fact, I am, Mr. Eddie and The Fucking Cruisers. Let's get back on it!"

Needless to say, it brought down the gottdamned house -- and belly laughing louder and harder than anyone else was Mr. Michael Pare'. He's a good egg. Oh, and did I mention he's still a top shelf piece of ass?

Goddamnit, I love my job.

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