Friday, January 22, 2010

Use the first letter of your first name and make a list of ten things that start with that letter -- all to do with YOU (I did 12 because I'm a REBEL BITCH):

This entry brought to you by...the letter "M"

Miniatures: I am obsessed with all things small -- and always have been. The vast majority of my dreams and daydreams before the age of about 13 involved something to do with me being 2 inches tall. You cannot drag me out of a dollhouse shop to save my life (just ask Gregory) and at flea markets and thrift stores, I can go through bins of little plastic dudes for hours. For hours.

Mommy: As in me...not mine. It's what I do.

Mel Brooks: Along with Buck Henry, he is one of my greatest professional influences. Another is...

Madeline Kahn: Two words: Eunice Burns. That is all.

Mary Magdalene: This is the broad I pray to when I pray. A mother AND a whore. My kinda dame.

Mammaries: After a lifetime of suffering under their insidious weight, as of 2005, they are gone, baby, gone. And I don't miss them one little bit. Goodbye, Beavertails.

Mirth: It's what else I do.

Mafia: "The Godfather" -- My obsession. My joy. My inspiration. My family.

Mary Poppins: My most favoritest Disney movie of all.

Mandarins: As in oranges. My favorite scent.

Monocle: I want to wear one, strut about, and act a pretentious prick.

Monkeyface: Billy and I have been doing the Monkeyface since the very beginning -- with several variations on it emerging as time has passed (i.e., "Monkey looks to heaven and sees god.") Whenever I am on location, I make every single person I work with take a Monkeyface picture for me. I show them the face and then make them do it -- I don't give a shit how big a fucking movie star they are. As a matter of fact, the bigger the star, the more I am determined to get my shot. Lance Henriksen's is especially funny -- he and I even took a stacked Monkeyface totem pole pic together in Romania that completely rules. Maybe someday I shall publish a Monkeyface coffeetable book.

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