Friday, January 22, 2010

smoke and kisses

From September, 2009:


Despite sheltering under a mushroom cloud of biblical proportions for the entire past week -- with 100 foot flames lapping at our fine asses every five -- my little family and I are doing remarkably well. The babies finally went back to school, we bought the adorable Baby Goat her very first car, my FAB GIRL-CRUSH from high school friended me back on FB, we've giddily purchased tickets for a demolition derby at the LA County Fair, and I got cast in the title role in "The Ernest Borgnine Story." Okay, so I didn't really get cast as ol' Ernie, but with my eyes all swollen and puffy from all this smoke and dust, I noticed this morning in the mirror that I do sort of look like him. Goddamnit, Ernest Borgnine is ALL. At any rate, even though we seemed to have dodged a red-hot, smoking bullet this time, there are many, many more of my fair countrymen who have not -- and I sit here drinking coffee, writing a movie, kissing a sweet black 3 pound Chihuahua named Frances on the lips, and keeping one eye on the news...and the fires rage on and my beloved city continues to burn.


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