Friday, January 22, 2010

"let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to strawberry fields. nothing is real..."

We have crossed the Rubicon on this sort of thing, methinks. Now that we've all seen the thousands of FlashMob videos that proliferate YouTube, for me, something like this can never really be spontaneous, organic, or genuine ever again. It all just feels so forced, contrived, and self-conscious, you know? So turned inside-out on itself -- and that's a pity. We are far too aware of ourselves now -- we are SELF-CONSCIOUS in a whole new way...and there is no going back. Ever.

Want proof? Notice that a large majority of the people gathered round this guitar-playing musician aren't necessarily participating in his feelgood sing-a-long -- but they ARE taking photos and videos with iphones and cameras, twittering wildly, and updating the status on their Facebook pages to spread the word about and the images of this damned charming, sing-songy lovefest...where, in fact, some people are singing, yes -- but many more are just documenting the event with an eye towards later posting and uploading...a picture or video...of other people...taking pictures and videos...of others.

Christ, how many new fathers have experienced their child's first birthday party or very birth, for that matter...from behind the lens of a camera -- so as to CAPTURE THE opposed to just being present in it in the first goddamned place.

Ah, fuck it. We're done. I'm done.

Josh Wilson, Newark Passengers Sing "Hey Jude" While Stuck in Airport

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